Preparing For Christmas

Does anyone else think this year went by really fast? I can’t believe 2017 is almost over! Time flies.  

This week began with Francky, one of our Haiti Britsionary Coordinators, visiting us in Worcester during his first trip to the USA. It was awesome to switch roles and be his tour guide for once. If you didn’t know, Francky is the one who greets each Britsionary team at the airport and shows them around Grand Goave all week. I was able to go to Boston with Bernie to pick up Len and Francky from the airport. As we drove through Boston, Bernie pointed out a few landmarks. Francky’s eyes were glued to the window and he was especially interested in the tunnels. He was amazed when he learned they were built under water. I couldn’t imagine what was going through his mind!

Last Sunday afternoon, we had a reception for Francky at the OC so Britsionarys could stop by to say hello. It was fun hearing everyone’s stories from Haiti and memories with Francky. I was impressed that Francky greeted almost everyone by name and even remembered some special handshakes. When I asked Francky how he was doing, he said “I’m just sooooo excited.” He didn’t stop smiling the whole time! Thank you to everyone who stopped by! Special thanks to everyone who brought items to donate to BLB. We really appreciate the support!

Did anyone hear us on the radio on Thursday? Our friends at 96-1 SRS were broadcasting right next door to the OC, outside of Price Chopper, this entire week! They were collecting canned goods for the Worcester County Food Bank. We walked over to donate some food and then Suzanne and Greg, who host the show, let us chat with them on the radio inside their trailer! It was fun to spread the word about Be Like Brit and also spread some holiday cheer.

Our team has also been busy preparing for Christmas!

Kate, our Volunteer & Child Sponsorship Coordinator, had a fabulous group of 20 students from St. Mary’s come in this week to help us organize our warehouse, and an awesome group of women from AC Hotels who helped us organize our store merchandise.  Kate has also been working with our amazing volunteers Charlie, Leslie, and Lauren to make sure each child has a gift to open on Christmas. They have been doing inventory, making lists, and packing the hockey bags with gifts so they are ready to send down to Haiti. Thanks to our child sponsors who have donated new toys and outfits for us to send down! We couldn’t do this without you!

Did you know we have a special Britsionary trip during the week of Christmas? It is a one week trip, but it is only open to returnees. Each year, the Christmas Britsionarys play the role of Santa’s elves. They decorate Brit’s Home, wrap the children’s presents, and even put on a party for the Haiti staff on Christmas Eve! I can’t wait to hear all about this trip!

If you are like me and you are spending Christmas at home this year, but you would love to share in the Christmas sprit in Haiti, I have some exciting news for you! On Christmas Eve at 3pm EST, the children will be singing a series of songs at their annual party! And you don't have to be in Haiti to watch. We will be going live on our Be Like Brit Facebook page so you can watch from the comfort of your home! They have been practicing and can’t wait to sing for you. You don’t want to miss it!