Happy Mothers Day


Birthday parties, holiday celebrations, baseball games, family dinners, going to church, family bike rides, learning how to swim, broken bones, tears from bullying and broken hearts, struggles in school, hugs, kisses, I love you's and so much more are just some of the moments that I have shared with Britney, Bernie and Richie. Though we are just starting to create these memories with our 66 children in Haiti, the credit of these moments also belongs to the 50 ladies that I feel blessed to have at BLB every day because they are constantly helping our children. To some, this could be looked at as a job, however, I can personally tell you that these women walk into BLB every day and truly want what is best for our children as if they were their own. Even though we have grown up thousands of miles from one another, we strive for the children to grow in a safe, nurturing environment, to have a strong faith, a sense of self and a great education. That way, they each can grow up to be the best versions of themselves just as I wanted for my own three children. I want to say thank you to our special 50 “moms” in Haiti and to all of the fabulous mothers who are like our 50 ladies,

I want to wish you a sincere Happy Mother’s Day!

As "Mami Cherylann" to these 66 children, it is my responsibility to make sure each and every one of them is supported, well taken care of and healthy.  Please consider helping me and Be Like Brit by sponsoring a child.  For as little as $33 a month, you can help us provide them everything they need to be successful in life!

Sponsor a Child

Be Like Brit Clubs

In order to create a better awareness about BLB and also offer the opportunity for groups to develop a stronger affiliation with the organization, Be Like Brit has launched our Be Like Brit Clubs.

The purpose of the clubs is "To continue to serve the children of Haiti, by establishing independent organizations that promote awareness about BLB, encourage service to others and instill a mindset that together we can make a difference"

We know that not everyone can make the trip to Haiti, but still want to make an impact.  We believe BLB Clubs will allow people of all ages the opportunity to affect lasting change that will greatly benefit the 66 children living in the Orphanage.

If you're interested in learning more or in starting your own BLB Club, email clubs@BeLikeBrit.org today!

Change Starts With You!!! #ChangeMatters

Do you have a bucket of change that you've been collecting for weeks, months or years?  If you've been looking for a place to give your change, where it will really make a difference, consider stopping by the OC at 66 Pullman Street in Worcester between 9am-Noon on Saturday, June 18th (or any time the office is open) to donate your change to help the children in Haiti.

This is a new campaign we are beginning and would love your help!  We also have some snazzy containers that you're welcome to take to collect change at your school, from your co-workers or from your customers!

Email Kate@BeLikeBrit.org with your questions or to find out how to get your change container today!


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