Oh, Canada! And more!

One of the greatest thing about our Britsionary program in my opinion is the fact that not only does it build homes for those in need here in the area around Be Like Brit but it builds lasting friendships and bonds between volunteers and helps to develop a love and an interest in Haiti and in helping in whatever way one can. As a result of these bo

Changing the Narrative

If you were to tune into your nightly news or to run a Google search on Haiti you would almost certainly think that the world was coming to an end down here. Google results still include images of the earthquake almost exclusively more than six years on. Social media venues allow for ordinary citizens and members of the press alike to upload images

As we gear up for another busy week here in Haiti, we'd like to remind you that on January 21, 2015 (Thursday), we invite you to GO BLUE FOR BRIT! In celebration of Brit's birthday (she would be 26!) we are asking our friends to wear their Be Like Brit gear - or anything in blue, really - and send us your photos of you, your classrooms, schools, colleagues, and more wearing their BLUE for Brit! You can email us your photos throughout the day, and we ask you to share them on social media, too! You can find us on Facebook (www.facebook.com/BeLikeBrit) or on Twitter @BeLikeBrit or Instagram @blbhaiti! Donations in memory of Brit on her birthday will go directly to Haiti, so that we may continue to offer our resources, skills, and talents to help those most in need!

Thank you for helping us help the children of Haiti at Be Like Brit!!!

Seeing With New Eyes - A Reflection

This past week at Be Like Brit was special for a number of reasons. We hosted an incredible group from College of the Holy Cross who built a home for one of our own security guards who is expecting his first child with his girlfriend in the coming months; Dr. Vicki Kvedar and her daughter Julie spent countless hours in our medical clinic conducting

#LoveLivesHere. It truly does. And more than six years after so many thought that the world was coming to an end; six years after for so many the world - or at least this life as we know it in fact did end - the acts of love and the generosity of the human spirit keeps us pressing on, moving forward. Your love and your support have made this journey possible.

Six Years On: Love Lives Here!

As the sun rises this morning of January 10 2016 we here in Haiti wake up in a home which is very filled with love and laughter. Our 66 children and our group of Britsionarys enjoyed a safe and secure night climbing into clean beds with full bellies. Protected from harm by a strong building even stronger walls and security personnel around our prop

2015: A Year in Review!

In just two days on January 5th we will mark three full years since the dedication of Brits Orphanage in an ecumenical ceremony held before more than a hundred family and friends here in Grand Goâve. We cant quite wrap our heads around the fact that its been this long and the change and growth we have seen at Be Like Brit is truly remarkable and s

As we prepare for the coming of a New Year, writing contracts and restructuring staffing models, etc., we look forward to the challenges that will come in 2016. We look forward to the opportunity to rise up as a mighty force and take these challenges head on. We look forward to Continuing the Compassion of Britney Gengel through our Britsionary program and through the good work we do with our children day in and day out. We recognize our countless blessings, and we thank you for Helping us Help the Children of Haiti at Be Like Brit.

Christmas In Haiti - Be Like Brit!

We are forever mindful of our abundance of blessings. As we celebrated our third Christmas at Be Like Brit for our children and our staff and establish these traditions as the Be Like Brit family we cant help but again be overwhelmed by the goodness of people. In a place where hard times desperation and poverty are ubiquitous we are ever more grate

Christmas in Haiti

Advent is observed in many Christian faiths and is the time of waiting and preparation for the birth of Christ. This past week at Be Like Brit in preparation for the Christmas Holiday here our friend and Program Committee Member Reverend Dr. Debra Pallatto-Fontaine traveled to Haiti for a week of professional development training with our staff and

3 Years Later: Program Committee Chair and Memb...

Last week I had the pleasure of flying back in to Haiti from Boston with the Chair of our Program Committee Christine Steinwand and another program committee member Suzanne Brady. Chris and Suzanne have been committed to Be Like Brit from the early days; as Brits aunt Chris obviously has a clear connection and vested interest in realizing Brits dre

Friends, Old and New!

Its been quite the week for us at Be Like Brit both in Haiti and in the USA! While we welcomed a visit from Cherylann who kept us all busy with planning all the amazing things were working on for 2016 were also busy in the USA planning for the Christmas Holiday in Haiti which includes our Christmas Eve employee appreciation dinner and celebration a

Thanks and Gratitude

We hope that all of our friends enjoyed a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday. Despite some of the very sad events happening around our world from natural disasters war political crises gun violence and more we do have much to be thankful for. While this holiday is not celebrated in Haiti we didnt miss the opportunity to teach the children at Be Li

A Gala and An Election: Blessings and Challenge...

Hello from Haiti! I realized this past week that its been a while since Ive written a blog update! With my travel to the U.S. for our annual Fall Gala which was held on November 7 2015 at the DCU Center in Worcester followed by a week-long vacation for me Im long overdue to share with you what is happening with us here at BLB in Haiti! As I sa

Pray For Paris

There are many tragedies in this world that make us hold our breath and say why?  The Cowardly act of many terrorist in Paris the other day will be a day that will be on our minds for many decades to come.  The 129 victims and their families will never be the same the tragedy will change the way they know life it is a devastating time for

How Sweet It Is

How Sweet It Is Melissa-Jean Provost   Have you ever had one of those moments where you’ve closed your eyes felt the cool breeze and warm sunshine rush across your face and you knew you were exactly where you were supposed to be? The time stopped you didn’t have any worries and you ignored everything else but that one moment. If this has eve

Women's Group 2015: Sue's Reflection

Over Columbus Weekend a group of women joined together and soon became a group of friends who experienced an amazing four days at Be Like Brit. With the help and leadership of Cherylann Gengel Eileen Terry and Jonathan LaMare we learned what love and commitment could create. We soon fell in love with the children and staff of Be Like Brit. They and

Team Fast and Furious ~ And Our Women's Group!

We are so fortunate to have the support of thousands of people from all over the world. Our Facebook page actually generates a weekly report or us and we were excited to see that we have followers all over the world! Japan Australia all over Europe – even users in various parts of Africa follow the Be Like Brit Foundation facebook page! As we wor

Exciting Firsts - A Pediatric Clinic! UMASS Fel...

This past week was particularly eventful here at Be Like Brit in Haiti in that Cherylann and Bernie were here for much of it along with our Global Pediatric Health Fellows from UMASS Medical! We celebrated a first of sorts in regards to our medical clinic! While we have always tried to share our resources with our community and open our doors to th

UMASS, ABCMouse, and More!

We are back in to the full swing of things after what has been a very busy September even without the typical two full Brtisionary groups visiting us! Back to school season was a huge hit and having 66 children out of the house each morning by 8am we are able to pay attention to a lot of new projects here at Be Like Brit!       I had a ver

Move Your Feet: Rosie's Reflection!

After a week of being back in the United States I cannot stop thinking about Team “Small and Mighty” and the amazing week we had in Haiti at Be Like Brit. Although brainstorming team names during the ride from Grand Goave to Port-au-Prince was challenging the two adjectives that we chose to describe our team Small and Mighty are perfect. Ou

Surrounded by Love!

Greetings from Worcester MA! On Thursday I made my way out of Haiti and up to Miami for an overnight connection and was greeted happily by Melissa at Logan International on Friday September 11. Melissa met me as I exited the concourse with her usual smile and joyful self - a sight that was well received (and needed!) by me after what turned out to

Back to School - Sort of!

If we didnt know by all of the Back to School photos of our friends and family on Facebook we would certainly know it by the commotion and activity here at Be Like Brit in Haiti that the Back to School season is ongoing and upcoming! While our Mission of Hope International students started last week we were busy preparing the group of students who

Reminders ~ Why We Do What We Do

By now our most recent Britsionary group Team Time and a Half is back safely in the USA after another productive week! We were also on guard for the first tropical system to threaten Haiti this past week Tropical Storm Danny. As it appeared Danny would creep his way to our half of Hispaniola the system dissipated and we breathed a sigh of relief! O

It Is What It Is!!!

Sometimes things just simply do not go as planned. For our Britsionary groups a constant theme and reminder for them from the moment they apply to be Britsionarys to the very last minute they are traveling our ongoing reminder is Its Haiti. Things happen beyond our control and quite often this changes the course of the day or the plans we maybe hav

An Announcement from our USA Director!

First I have to warn everyone – I am not nearly as talented as Jonathan and others at writing blogs. I’m much better at asking how you’re pooping today (Britsionarys will understand that joke!)… I still can’t believe that almost 4 years ago today I became a part of the Be Like Brit family. I was a temporary intern helping BLB develop the

Endless Hope

In July of 2013 I first went to Haiti as a Britsionary. This was my first time doing any sort of service trip. A week that proved to dramatically change my life. After my experience I was more aware of my life on a day-to-day basis. What I was choosing to do how it would affect me and my happiness. I looked for ways to be truly happy as I had seen

Simple Joys

What an amazing week it has been this past week at Be Like Brit! Like so many others we hosted an incredible Britsionary Group who this week decided to name themselves in honor of our very own Francky! Those of you who have been to Be Like Brit know that Francky is a jack-of-all-trades kind of guy and is one of the hardest working employees we have

Gold Participant

Be Like Brit is proud to be a Gold Participant with the Guide Star Exchange. Be Like Brit is a U.S.A. registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization which operates a 19,000sf earthquake proof orphanage in Grand Goave, Haiti. The orphanage was built in loving memory of 19 year old Britney Gengel who perished in the Haiti Earthquake while on a service trip with her college, Lynn University. Today there are 66 beautiful children living and thriving in the orphanage. Hundreds of people, from all over the world, come visit the orphanage to volunteer and thousands of individuals are part of the Be Like Brit Family.

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