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  • Mar 05, 2023
  • by Papi Len

A Letter from Papi Len

Thirteen years ago building an Orphanage in Haiti was a conversation to honor Brits last wish Today we are humbled to be able to continue growing as we ask you to help support the Second Generation of Leaders in Haiti at Brits HomeLast fall we brought four little girls into Brits home so that Janila the first child in our second generation could...

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  • Feb 05, 2023
  • by Venitte

Islande Experience

Hello my name is Miselin IslandeI will be 14 in February 25th Im in 8th grade and I go to school ISFAGGBiology and English are my favorite subjects at school My mother and Father were dying since I was little I have 3 sisters and 4 brothers one of them was die after my mom died I was living with the sister Rose Antoine She was the one who took c...

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  • Sep 04, 2022
  • by Papi Len

A Labor of Love

It takes many hands to make light work as they say in Haiti This past week I have had many hands in helping me uncover 8 years of drainage and debris that has filled in on Brits Way and Rt 2 Both Box Culverts that go under Brits Way and Rt 2 are clogged with dirt and rock from up the mountain that has accumulated over the years Rain happens a...

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  • Jun 24, 2022
  • by Andreline

My experience at Be Like Brit

Hello everyone My name is Andreline Baptiste and I live in Grand Goave I dont live with my family but I know my mom and my dad I have 2 sisters and 1 brother I left my family when I was 9 years old and my brother was my best friend I always do everything together Im crying but now I see it is the best thing my mom do for me Now I am 18 years an...

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  • Jun 17, 2022
  • by Papi Len

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day weekend to all of those that support us and love us at Be LIke BritI was blessed with a dad who was such a hard worker He worked two jobs my entire life and he showed me so many things in regards to work ethic integrity honesty and commitment to his wife and eight children As a dad to Brit Bernie and Richie he taught me about c...

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  • Mar 25, 2022
  • by Charlie Dubois

The Gift of Haiti by Charlie Dubois

Haiti has been such a gift as it has filled me with compassion and love for the children at Brits Home as well as the staff that cares for and nurtures them every day My heart has grown enough to be able to leave a piece of it behind whenever it is time to goThis past February I had the opportunity to return after two long years Flying in this...

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  • Feb 12, 2022
  • by papi len

Back to Haiti in 2022

Haiti in 2022 is extremely dangerous with a Level 4 No Travel Restriction from the State Department At the end of January Manmi Love Warehouse ManagerVolunteer Charlie my son Bernie and I went to Haiti to Brits Home I wont get into detail how we got there but I will say it was dangerous weird and rewarding all at the same time Ive made hundreds ...

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  • Sep 23, 2021
  • by diana handwerker

A Focus on Teachers Update from Brits Academy

Brits Academy is off to a great start our third year in operation for grades one11 but no third graders this year We have some new teachers for the secondary grades our faithful teachers for the primary grades and several new students from the community all staff members childrenOur Program Director Myster Way reports that all of the childrentee...

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  • Sep 09, 2021
  • by Papi Len

Ready or Not Here We Come

Yes it is hard to believe but another miracle has taken place at Brits Academy in Brits Home Despite severe political unrest and violence a pandemic tropical storms and a 72 earthquake we opened our door to the third year of Brits Academy on September 6 It has been such a successful weekAndtheres more Our classrooms are now all housed in Brits...

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  • Sep 03, 2021
  • by diana rosayn

A Summer Like Never Before Summer 2021 Recap wi...

It has become a tradition every year for Brits Home to organize summer camps to allow our children to thrive around different educational sports fun and discovery activities Indeed it is always with great impatience that our children wait for the arrival of the camp after each school year There is always a new strategy to teach the children whil...

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  • Aug 21, 2020
  • by Dr. Debbie Pallatto-Fontaine

Chronicle of a School Year

Brits Academy 1st Anniversary A Story of MiraclesThe Be Like Brit Program Committee has been meeting faithfully every Wednesday morning over the last nine years beginning in Fr John Maddens office then moving on to the dining room in the home of Cherylann and Len in Holden and ending up at the new OC in Worcester Nowadays we hold Zoom meetings...

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  • Mar 05, 2020
  • by danielle cutillo

Medical Trip to Grand Gove

February 20 2020 was a longawaited departure date after having previous trips to Haiti cancelled last year due to civil unrest For Sheryl and I was our 6th trip to BLB and this time we brought along a graduate nursing student Katie Englund who is finishing her masters in nursing specializing in family practice Our goals for the 5day trip were to...

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  • Feb 29, 2020
  • by danielle cutillo

Joining the Family by Rick

I am thrilled to have joined the Be Like Brit family in my role as Director of Development I first learned about Be Like Brit when I began coaching their Boston Marathon team 3 years ago I have been a running coach for 24 years mostly coaching runners for the Boston Marathon I became a coach for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society after promising m...

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  • Jan 30, 2020
  • by danielle cutillo

Katie McIsaac Blog

For those who dont know me I want to begin by giving a brief introductionso hi My name is Katie and I am currently the Controller for Be Like Brit working out of the office in Worcester Massachusetts I have been lucky enough to travel to Brits Home five times my first trip being in April of 2015 What an incredible journey it has been to be a wit...

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  • Dec 30, 2019
  • by danielle cutillo

Introducing Diane

My life changed completely when I moved to Haiti three years ago to embark a new chapter of my life that brought about a new working career and opportunity My name is Diane Gaillard and I am the most recent hire at the Be Like Brit Home Prior to working here I was living and working in a town by the name of Jacmel where I was hired as the InCou...

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