Come visit Brit's Home and help the children of Haiti!
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Medical Britsionary Trips

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Medical Britsionary at Brit's Home in Haiti!

Our goal is to send 1-2 medical Britsionarys to accompany each group that travels to Haiti throughout the year! Professionals will have the opportunity to provide medical care in the Be Like Brit Medical Clinic, ensuring the health and safety of our volunteer groups, as well as working alongside our existing clinic staff to meet the needs of our children, too!

Roles and Responsibilities

All of the children who live at Brit's Home are seen on a monthly basis. Child wellness exams are imperative in maintaining the health of our 66 children, and our medical Britsionarys are key in this role! All exams should be documented in our standard records keeping files, as well as our electronic medical records database!

Child wellness exams include much of your standard pediatric examination information: vital signs, growth charts for both height and weight, comprehensive skin assessments and more. As a health care professional, you will help us be sure the children are receiving regular medications as prescribed and daily multi-vitamins as a standard practice. You will help us to inspect the facility to be sure that all areas of operation at Brit's Home are in complience with our mission of "Sustaining a safe, nurturing home" where our children can thrive!

You may also have the opportunity to work in one or more community clinics in the Grand Goâve area. We have wonderful working relationships with several other organizations, and sharing our medical resources with each other is a part of our commitment to giving back!

Sample Weekday Itinerary - Medical Britsionary

(Monday-Friday) –
7-8am: Breakfast
8am-12pm: Work at public medical clinic or work at BLB clinic
12-1pm: Lunch
1-3pm: Wellness checks for BLB children and staff
3-5pm: Excursion with the Britsionary group and/or afternoon activities with the children
6-7pm: Dinner
7-8pm: Free time with the children
8-10pm: Relax and Reflect on the days activities


6 Night Trip Total Cost: $1,100 per person

Total cost includes food, lodging (at Brit's Home), in country transportation, interpreter services and travel insurance.

Nonrefundable payment due dates:
$100 - Upon Application Approval
$700 – 12 weeks prior to trip
$300 – 4 weeks prior to trip

All payments are nonrefundable.


Once you apply and are approved, you can begin the process of fundraising to help support your trip. We will provide you with your personal fundraising website to help you get started. Britsionarys are encouraged to put together creative fundraisers to help them raise the necessary funds to make their trip to Haiti. Some ideas include auctions, t-shirts, dinner parties and yard sales. All of the money you raise will go towards your total deposit, and any additional funds will be donated to Be Like Brit.

Upcoming Trips

We are currently accepting applications. Please see specific dates on the application by clicking the "Apply Now" button above.

Background and SORI Checks

In order to volunteer at Brit’s Home, we must run your SORI (sex offender) and criminal background check. We are required to run these checks on anyone who will have direct contact with children. BLB reserves the right to deny Britsionarys from coming on a trip based on the results of these checks. Please be aware that the charge for background checks is separate from the total cost of your trip and your credit card will be charged between $19-$100, depending on the number of residences you have lived in, and name aliases. If the total amount is greater than $100, we will email you to let you know. The total amount may appear on your credit card as separate charges, due to the collection of certain court fees.

More Information

Please contact Support@BeLikeBrit.org with any questions or concerns.